Friday, April 8, 2011

St.Andrew's Guest House, Edinburgh.

This post is dedicated to our dear friend Marta who asked for a recommendation in Scotland. St.Andrew's Guesthouse seems to be a good choice when visiting the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. The rate is quite reasonable, especially considering that we are talking about a city. The rooms go for £35-£45per person/per night. They offer "fluffy towels and an extensive continental breakfast served in your room". Let's admit it, after a long day of walking around the old city, to come to a warm shower and fluffy towels sounds pretty tempting.

Though the modern contemporary design is not my favorite because I feel it gives the property a prefabricated, large hotel feel -thus not really falling into my 'charming' category- I do admit I would l o v e sleeping in one of these beds, then eating a huge breakfast before heading out the door for some cultural adventures. You can fin all the details here.

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